Better Serve Your Members…Attract New Customers…AND Generate Revenue

Drive-in Boatwash machine

Drive-in Boatwash mechanical hull cleaning machines are changing the world of boat maintenance. Replacing the need to hire hull cleaning divers and apply anti-fouling paint, our automated boat washing system offers boat owners a more convenient, efficient and cost effective solution for boat cleaning. That makes Drive-in Boatwash a service that your customers - both personal boat owners and those managing fleets - are going to want. (Check out our testimonials!) It also makes it a service that can set you apart from your competition and drive new business to your marina.

Adding a Drive-in Boatwash machine to your marina can increase revenue and provide additional benefits for your business.

The Benefits

  • Attract customers (see boat owner benefits)
  • Create a safer working environment for employees
    (no rigging, high pressure hull washing or sanding)
  • Quickly clean and prep boats prior to seasonal lifting or drystacking
  • Fewer chemicals in the marina area
    (no chemicals or cleaning acids are used in the cleaning process)
  • Reduce the amount of toxins leaching into waterways
    (no anti-fouling paint)
Boat using Drive-in Boatwash

How It Works

  • The boat is moored in the Drive-in Boatwash machine’s U-shaped dock
  • Brush pressure is hydraulically controlled
  • The machine is operated by a hand held wireless remote control
  • The brushes move back and forth along the length of the boat, removing fouling
  • The total process takes about 15 minutes


Contact your area distributor to learn more about Drive-in Boatwash.