Go Fast Boat Image

Go Fast

Restore your boat’s performance
in about 15 minutes.

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Look Great Boat Image

Look Great

Prevent hull staining and the need for unattractive anti-fouling paint.

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Save Money Boat Fueling Image

Save Money

Reduce costly hull maintenance and improve fuel efficiency.

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Rethink Your Boat Maintenance

Convenient, quick, cost effective, efficient…

Drive-in Boatwash can clean your boat in about 15 minutes.

No need to hire hull cleaning divers.
No need to sand and scrape.
No more anti-fouling paint.


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Thrilled with the service, the quality of the work that they’ve done…phenomenal service, strongly recommend you guys.

Derick, Drive-in Boatwash customer

This was an incredibly affordable, easy, and fast experience and the owner was very informative and hands on. For the level of detail and the thorough cleaning, the cost is awesome!! I would highly recommend this to anyone!

Randy, Drive-in Boatwash Galveston Bay customer